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What you can't store

At Store-it we want everything to be legit. Everything needs to be legal from the way we do our business to what you store, which is why it’s prohibited to place any illegal or other inappropriate items in storage.

If you’re found to be breaking our storage policies, please note that we’ll immediately terminate your storage contract. Our aim is to keep everyone safe and by storing illegal goods, you’re putting other people and their belongings in danger too.

If you have any doubts whatsoever with regards to what to store and what not to store when using self-storage, please contact one of our friendly staff members who’ll be more than happy to help because like they say – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dangerous goods

Any item that we deem to be harmful or dangerous is forbidden to be stored in your self-storage unit in our Wellington and Lower Hutt facilities.

For your reference, any of the following kinds of items are forbidden to be stored on our premises:
  • Flammable items
  • Combustible items
  • Toxic and hazardous materials e.g. petrol, toxic waste, biological waste, acid, compressed gasses, corrosives, fertilizers, asbestos, paint, fireworks, weapons, ammunition, explosives.
flammable poison explosive peroxide gas

Animal products and perishable food

Any food that is perishable such as cereals, meats, fresh produce and dairy products are not permitted to be stored in your personal self-storage unit.

Storing such things will put the site at risk and may attract pests and rodents.

It’s fine to store canned goods.

Plants and animals

Whether the plant or animal is dead or alive – these items are forbidden to be stored.

Stolen and illegal goods

We aim to keep all your goods safe and secure while in storage, however, we need you to stay within the law as well and not store any illegal goods in your self-storage unit.
Store-It is a 100% New Zealand owned family business providing the highest quality self storage services to Wellington & Lower Hutt. 

We are dedicated to keeping your goods in the safest, dryest and best value for money storage option.

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