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Protecting your goods

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Protecting Your Goods In Storage

You can give your goods added protection when they’re stored in your storage unit by following some of these simple tips:

To protect your goods better you can either wrap or cover them with the below specialist packing products:
  • Plastic mattress covers
  • Butcher’s paper
  • Plastic lounge covers
  • Special removalist felt blankets or covers
  • Extra wide bubble wrapping (not to be used on timber)
  • Book and tea chest packing boxes
  • Portable wardrobe boxes
Fragile Items

If you’re storing fragile items amongst your other stored goods, it’s a good idea to wrap each one individually either with bubble wrap or butcher’s paper and then place them in cartons marked ‘fragile.’ This will help protect your fragile goods even more. When storing your fragile goods in your secure self-storage unit, make sure you top load the cartons and try not to place them at the bottom if possible.


There’s nothing worse than taking your clothes out of storage to discover they’ve been eaten by moths. You can avoid this by making sure that they’re clean and ironed before you store them. Also you can pack them with cedar blocks or any other kind of anti-moth product. The best way to store your clothes in self-store units is to place them in special linen clothing bags, tea chests or port-a-robes.

When packing your books for storage, they should be packed flat to prevent the spines from breaking. Always pack your books in smaller boxes to avoid the boxes from getting too heavy and cumbersome. It’s a good idea to get your hands on  twin cushion strength book boxes that are extra strong and reinforced.

Protecting your goods with extra padding

Using specially designed felt blankets, cushions, bubble wrap or cardboard to divide your belongings while they’re in transit and in storage will help prevent any kind of damage from compression or rubbing.

That extra added protection

Even though your goods are safe while in storage, it’s always a good idea to give them extra protection. With your mattresses, couches, valuables and boxes, use soft cloths or cardboard under them to stop scraping and scratches.

Protective covering
If you’re storing soft furnishing such as your couches and mattresses, you can use our specially designed plastic storage covers to protect them while they’re in transit and in storage.

Remove food spillage and stains

A good way of preventing mould growing on your goods is to make sure everything is clean before making the move. Make sure there are no remnants of food such as crumbs and remove all stains from your soft furnishings and clothing. This is especially important if placing baby items in storage such as high chairs or cots.

Storing whiteware

Avoid any unpleasant smells by thoroughly defrosting all white goods such as your fridge and freezer. Make sure they’re clean and dry before you store them. You can avoid damaging your fridge by carefully moving and storing it in an upright position.

NOTE: Always keep the doors of your fridge slightly ajar if storing them in self-storage. Place a deodoriser such as a small box of baking soda – this will help maintain its freshness and stop the build up of mould.

Storing your washing machine

You can protect your washing machine while it’s being transported to and from our Wellington storage facilities by making sure you disconnect and thoroughly drain the hose pipes and then by securing them to its drum with the special caps (top-loaders) or bolts (front loaders). These things come with your machine when you first purchase them, but if you can’t find them, you can pop down to a whiteware store and pick some up.

To prevent any leakage, place all the hose ends in plastic sandwich bags and then seal them off well either with tape or an elastic band. This will prevent damage to your goods.

Storing wardrobes and cupboards

Make sure that you empty your cupboards and wardrobes of all their contents and drawers to prevent any kind of damage while your goods are in transit. Once you get into your personal self-storage unit, you can then refill them if need be.

Storing your garden hoses

Make sure you drain your garden hoses well and then put them into a coil with both ends connected and tied. We recommend storing all hoses in clean plastic bins.

Preventing rodents

We don’t permit any kind of food to be stored for a simple reason – we don’t want to attract any rodents. Don’t risk a rodent invasion in your self-storage unit and all the other units. We suggest you chat with our team and ask them to replace the mouse bait station every six months.

Checking up on your stored items

Even though your goods are 100% secure, we do suggest periodically visiting your storage unit to check up on them. No members of the Store-it team have access to your self-storage unit, so it’s up to you to check up on their condition for your own peace of mind.
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