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Packing your storage Unit

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How to pack your self-storage unit
All it takes is a little bit of planning and you’ll see that the whole storage process will be made a lot easier. Think about things carefully and plan how you’re going to go about packing your self-storage unit before you even load the truck. The way you load the truck could determine how quickly you’re going to be able to off-load everything and move your belongings into your self-storage unit.
You need to take a logical approach when it comes to packing your storage unit and it needs to be done in the same way as if you were building your house – you lay the foundations first, build the walls and then add the passages and finally the roof at the end.
  1. Place all your heavier bulkier items at the very back of your self-storage unit and then build up the walls placing lighter items on top.
  2. Any item that is longer such as a mattress, bed or tables should always be placed on their sides and lining the walls.
Work your way from the rear of the unit wall both outwards and upwards with your heavier items right at the back and any item that is lighter or more fragile on the top closer to the front of the unit.
If you know you’re going to need to access a few items while they’re in storage, make sure you conveniently place them towards the front of your self-storage unit.
If you know that you’re going to have to have access to some particular goods regularly, it’s a good idea to create small passageways that allow you to walk easily and safely between the items that you’re storing.
  1. If you happen to be storing any kind of important documents such as invoices, passports, remote controls or items that might be easily misplaced such as a set of keys, it’s a good idea to put all of these things into one specially marked box. Keep the box close to the unit’s door so you won’t get into a panic trying to search for it amongst all your other things.
  1. Safety is our number one priority, so make sure everything is stacked well and securely. Don’t pack your unit too high as it can cause unsteadiness and there’s more risk of falling items that could cause injury or damage.
  1. If you’re storing items with extra space such as wardrobes or desks, fill the empty places to maximise every inch of space you have.
We suggest using professional storage boxes for your packing as this will not only allow you to get more into your designated storage space, but you’ll also help keep all your items protected even more. And of course, it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to unpacking your storage unit and removing all your goods at the end.
There are so many different kinds of professional storage and packing accessories you can get your hands on which include protective furniture covers, cardboard, bubble wrap, fragile stickers, vivid markers, storage boxes and of course you can’t forget your heavy duty sealing tape. All of these packaging items will help to  maintain your goods in good condition while being transported and in storage.
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