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Earthquake Rating


As we are responsible for the storage of millions of dollars worth of client's goods, we weren't  prepared to sit back and work with the Wellington City Council's estimate of the seismic capacity of our building (which according to them exceeded the  minimum requirement  of 34% of the current  building code requirement),  so we engaged an earthquake engineer to assess our building.

Exceeds the council assessment - capacity in excess of 60% of the NBS

We are delighted to say that our building  exceeds the council assessment and  has a capacity in excess of 60% of the new building standard. 

The report says "In the longitudinal direction there are continuous concrete walls on one side and these are assessed to exceed 100% new building standard (NBS). In the transverse direction in the northernmost portion of the complex the available capacity in the concrete frames is 60% NBS.
This should give you the confidence that we can sleep well at night knowing your goods are stored in a building that exceeds the earthquake strengthening requirement."

In addition Store-it Ngauranga, unlike a couple of it's competitors  is situated away from the fault line, which gives us additional peace of mind.
Earthquake Report  from ISPS

List Of Earthquake Prone Buildings as at: 10/08/2012
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